eTertiary is where you'll find helpful guides and education for your journey as an entrepreneurial whiz and a modern day business advocate. Work through each course and complete the quizzes to hone your skills and see how you stack up on design, strategy, communication, testing and more.

We initiated eTertiary for clients who are unable to attend traditional educational offerings and settings in person, and for those who have an interest in taking workshops with us and want additional information and resources.

To enroll in an eCourse simply click the button below and you will be directed through registration and payment. Course materials will be delivered to the email inbox that you specify.

If you elect to add a consultation to your eCourse simply contact us to schedule your consultation. Consultation can be done in person, via phone, email or skype.


For entrepreneur starters who want to jump into the process of making quick money with the business strategies and processes of a modern day business whiz, go to this site "courses.etertiary.com" and subscribe or buy a guide to building your business in a short time, the easiest way. Just pick a how-to guide or an interesting business blueprint as a course, follow the instructions for being successful. To be successful with online courses, please keep in mind that you are the main motivator behind getting the necessary work done. Make yourself a schedule every weekday and treat your course(s) like you are attending a physical school every day. You should be working in your course(s) each day and should finish them close to the same amount of time you would typically spend doing the same course(s) at your regular school. If you have questions, please be sure to contact your instructor.



Mr. Adenyo
eTertiary Online Principal